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In this article you may find the answers for the most common questions. 

Q: How can I get a price for a product? 
A: The best way is to send us an inquiry by e-mail to sales@ozerex.com; You might also use our contact form to do that.

Q: What information should I include in the request for a price?
A: The minimal set of things we need in order to make you a quotation are: BRAND, MODEL, REQUESTED QUANTITY, YOUR COMPANY (OR PRIVATE NAME) and YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.

Q: Can you sell products which are not listed on ozerex.com? 
A: Yes, our database contains more then 1 million parts and products manufactured by more then 40 000 manufactures from all over the wolrd. 
     In case you can not find the requested product in this website, do not hesitate to send us a request at sales@ozerex.com

Q: Do you have the products on stock? 
A: Usually we do not keep products in stock, however we do maintain small quantity stock products which are reguraly ordered by some of our customers.

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Photoelectric sensor

photoelectric sensor, or photo eye, is an equipment used to discover the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter, often infrared, and a photoelectric receiver. They are largely used in industrial manufacturing. There are three different useful types: opposed (through beam), retro-reflective, and proximity-sensing (diffused).

Conceptual through-beam system to detect unauthorized access to a secure door. If the beam is ...

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What is a gas spring?

What is a gas spring? 

A gas spring is a type of spring that, unlike a typical mechanical spring that relies on elastic deformation, uses compressed gas contained within an enclosed cylinder sealed by a sliding piston to pneumatically store potential energy and withstand external force applied parallel to the direction of the piston shaft.


Gas spring with sectional view:

1. Piston rod
2. Head cap
3. Piston rod wiper
4. Piston rod guide bushing
5. Retaining ring
6. O-ring
7. Piston rod seal
8. Cylinder
9. Piston
10. Flow-restriction orifice
11. Piston guide bushing
12. Valve
13. Valve-sealing screw


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